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This blog is a personal blog. Therefore, you will not find anything worth reading, but thank you very much if you do.

I entitled it “crazy philosophies” because I had to bring down everything I thought I knew about God, religion, gender roles, justice, existence and basically everything that philosophers waste their time trying to figure out. While I build up those “philisophies” again, what I’m left with is a bunch of crazy ideas on what I think things should look like. Whether you agree or disagree with what you read, please please let me know what you think. I love comments. But if you want to, you can email me at

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Sebastian permalink
    12/16/2010 3:49 pm

    I was referred to your blog from I read your post about Christmas and this “About” post.

    I’m sorry that your family and “family Christmases” have been so difficult. As a gay man myself I have some understanding of your predicament. Even in the “best” of family situations life at Christmas can be very painful. Even if our parents accept us, there are those “other” family and friends who at the very best are “uncomfortable” around us. If we have no bf or partner, or they are not accepted into the house or “family,” it is very lonely when the family get together to sit down to a meal or to play games. When I was in my teens (I’m 25 now) I kinda felt like sitting at the children’s table so I wouldn’t interrupt the couple’s conversation at the “adult table.” Things are much better now that I have my own place and am a little older. When I bring a bf home (I’m single right now) everyone is civil and my parents do pretty well with it. We get separate bedrooms with a door connecting them and no one asks anything about our “exact sleeping arrangements.”

    I don’t know if we are at all in the same place regarding “meaning systems” in our lives. I have come to the conclusion that we need to live within the context of meaning which is shared with others. Otherwise the meaning system is too fragile and can’t support us.

    I was raised from birth in a Roman Catholic family. I went to a Catholic school for eight years. I college (I’m a graduate student now) I felt the need to think for myself and find, create or modify the belief system within which I was raised. It really came to the fore during a philosophy course. But it had been brewing for years because I couldn’t believe or accept what the Church taught about homosexuality and same-sex behavior. Affection and love never seemed to have a place in their equation.

    I tried to create my own meaning system, investigated and practiced eastern religions (Buddhism Hinduism), etc., etc. The way I was brought up continued to haunt me. Some of it was beautiful in its fundamental dogmatic doctrines and influence on Western Civilization. But much of it’s moral teachings, especially in the area of personal morals, and about sex, did not ring true to me.

    I engaged in an intense study of the idea of sexual morality from the ancient Greeks and Romans through the development of Christianity to to modern-day Catholicism and “Protestantism.” I think that Christianity (and the Catholic Church can get a way from seeing personal/sexual morality in terms only of the morality of ACTS themselves and the purpose of sex only as procreation. Then sex can be understood in terms of love, relationship and the context in which it occurs.

    I don’t know your personal background or the struggles you have had in terms of finding meaning. But I do believe it is an important and worthwhile struggle. I believe, with the poet Rilke, that we must not seek easy answers too quickly, but live with the questions until someday we may live into the answers.

    You may take all I’ve shared as irrelevant to your life and/or as an invasion of your inner “holy of holies.” It certainly was not meant that way. If you think we might benefit from dialogue or even develop some kind of friendship, email me at

    The best to you, Sebsatian (aka Seb and Sebby)

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